Corporate culture: caring, harmonious and healthy

Hainan tao raw pharmaceutical co., LTD., founded in 2008 on January 16, is a collection of drug production, research and development, circulation, distribution and marketing as one of the collectivization development company, the registered capital of 62.7533 million yuan, eleven years since its establishment, the company development, the pursuit of excellence, 19 October 2016 listed on the new three board, stock code 839411.

With market orientation, quality for survival, innovation as the driving force, variety for development, management to increase efficiency, steady development, never stop. Has now become a collectivize company, owning the tao gave birth to the pharmaceutical co., LTD., shenzhen zhongtai pharmaceutical co., LTD., shenzhen tao gave birth to one collect medical supply chain management co., LTD., China and Thailand huasheng pharmaceutical (zhaoqing) co., LTD., such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, circulation enterprises, at the same time, investment and cooperation projects in terms of medical and health services.

Tao sheng pharmaceutical has always been adhering to the "love, harmony, health" business policy, with a new sales concept, scientific management system, high-quality and stable technical team to serve customers, is committed to bring customers more professional, more comprehensive quality service. Company after passed the new GSP certification, overall management more standardized, enterprise business philosophy and management level also constantly improve, the company developed in the direction of the market, practical products operating system, operating varieties cover tumor, cardiovascular, antibiotics, skin, respiratory system, reproductive system, children, and other areas of the dozens of diseases, products covered by the chemical medicines, proprietary Chinese medicine, biological products, in vitro diagnostic reagents, and other fields. At present, the company's business covers the whole country, with more than 100 cooperative agents, more than 200 domestic pharmaceutical and commercial companies, more than 1,500 second class a or above public hospitals, more than 1000 KA chain, as well as a large number of community clinics, township hospitals and long-term win-win cooperation.

Staff: from the very beginning of its establishment, taosheng pharmaceutical has gathered a group of high-quality talent team, and carefully built a platform for employees to display their talents, so that employees can develop and grow together with the enterprise. The enterprise provides various forms of learning and training opportunities for each employee, and creates a harmonious corporate culture atmosphere through colorful outdoor development, cultural life and other collective activities.

Social responsibility: the good faith management, the company pay taxes, environmental production, seriously do a good job in every useful to the society after the typhoon threat mason in 2014, the company attaches great importance to the leadership, and actively organize rescue, donated to the disaster zone, wenchang WengTian town of disaster relief materials, presented for the people in the affected areas. In the future, while developing at a high speed, taosheng pharmaceutical will also make more efforts to give back to the society. It will continue to care about and support the development of social welfare, culture, sports and education, and become a responsible and socially responsible enterprise.

Outlook: in the future, taosheng will continue to make efforts in the pharmaceutical market, pay close attention to the policy orientation of China's pharmaceutical and health industry, the changes of industry laws and regulations and policies, and further improve the ability of policy interpretation and market strain capacity in the context of China's health strategy. At the same time, we will accelerate the transformation and innovation. With the help of capital, we will gradually expand our business into high-end health management fields such as pharmaceutical research and development, production, big health, chronic disease management and so on through investment and merger and acquisition, in an effort to build a fully closed high-tech pharmaceutical industry group.